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Corporate security solutions

Empowerment Resources for Executive Protection Professionals

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Welcome to the official resource hub for Executive Protection Agents, offered by LeMareschal Protection & Intelligence Solutions. Understanding the unique challenges and dynamic environments faced by agents daily, our goal is to equip you with an arsenal of essential tools and links. From links with free educational courses, real-time threat intelligence sources to advanced protection methodologies and free templates, this page is designed to enhance your operational efficiency and situational awareness. As leaders in the protective and intelligence industry, we believe in empowering our community with the best resources, ensuring seamless protection for all.

Disclaimer: This page serves as a resource of links directing you to external, third-party websites. We are not responsible for the accuracy or content of information presented on these external sites. Please do your due diligence and use these suggestions as you see fit.

Corporate security solutions


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FREE Resources/Tools

  1. Counter Terrorism Guide

  2. Centre For Research and Evidence on Security Threats

  3. Health and Safety Executive

  4. Human Security Collective

  5. National Sex Offenders Public Website (USA)

  6. Counter Extremism Project

  7. SPLC

  8. Stanford Center for International Security and Cooperation

  9. Global Network of Extremism and Technology

  10. Bellingcat

  11. Media Bias Fact Check

  12. 2023 Index of Economic Freedom

  13. ESRI real-time mapping NYC

  14. FBI Study of Pre-Attack Behaviors of Active Shooters in the United States Between 2000 and 2013

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