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Corporate security solutions

Take Your Expertise to the Next Level with our Security Masterclasses

Enhance your Career with LeMareschal Security Masterclasses

Security Masterclasses

At LeMareshal we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to security. That's why we're proud to offer a wide selection of security masterclasses taught by some of the most knowledgeable subject matter experts in the security, investigations, and intelligence fields. Our classes are designed to provide the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge so you can trust that you're getting the best training available.


Whether you're looking to increase your understanding of the security field from the ground up or want to sharpen your existing skills, our security masterclasses are sure to help you reach your professional goals. Our experts have years of experience in the industry and understand how to increase your expertise and best protect your business and its employees. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart.


Contact us today to learn more about our security masterclasses and see how we can help you progress your skillset.

Corporate security solutions


Associated Body Language Expertise

Body language is an important tool for security operations and can be used for many preventative measures. Our course on body language provides an in-depth look at how it can be used to identify potential security risks and create an environment of safety.


We cover how to read facial expressions, interpret posture and movement, and recognize other nonverbal cues. Our course also provides strategies on how to use body language to de-escalate situations and create a secure environment.


Our training will help you gain the skills and confidence to address potential risks and keep your team safe.

Corporate security solutions

Conflict Management

Our conflict management course provides essential training and knowledge to help security personnel better identify and manage potential conflicts, both within and outside of the organization or team.


Through this course, security professionals will learn how to recognize the signs of conflict, how to defuse and resolve disputes, and how to develop strategies for maintaining a safe and cooperative environment.

Our course is designed to help increase their effectiveness and confidence in managing conflicts and protecting their organizations from potential risks.

Corporate security solutions
Corporate security solutions

Emotional Control

Security professionals need to have a high level of emotional intelligence to effectively do their job. Our emotional control course teaches security professionals how to maintain their composure in high-stakes situations and how to manage their emotions in order to stay focused and make better decisions.


This course covers topics such as stress management, self-awareness, and communication skills. It also provides tips on how to approach difficult conversations and how to handle difficult situations. The course will help security professionals become more aware of their emotions and how they impact their decision-making, allowing them to stay level-headed and provide the best possible protection and global reach.

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