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What is Protective Intelligence?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

As the world becomes increasingly complex and unpredictable, security companies are facing a growing need for Protective Intelligence departments. In today's environment, it's not enough to simply provide physical security services. To truly protect clients, security companies must be able to identify and mitigate risks before they become threats. Protective Intelligence is the practice of gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information to prevent harm to individuals, organizations, or assets. It involves using a range of tools and techniques, including open-source intelligence gathering, social media monitoring, and threat assessments.

Here are three key reasons why security companies need Protective Intelligence departments:

  1. Identifying and mitigating risks

A Protective Intelligence department can help security companies identify and mitigate risks to their clients. By gathering and analyzing information about potential threats, Protective Intelligence experts can identify patterns and trends that could indicate a future attack. For example, if a company's CEO is planning a trip to a high-risk country, Protective Intelligence experts can conduct a threat assessment to identify potential risks and develop a plan to mitigate those risks. This might involve arranging secure transportation, providing close protection services, or even recommending that the CEO postpone the trip.

  1. Enhancing situational awareness

Protective Intelligence can also help security companies enhance situational awareness. By monitoring social media and other sources of information, Protective Intelligence experts can identify emerging threats and provide real-time updates to security personnel. For example, if there is a protest planned outside a company's headquarters, Protective Intelligence experts can monitor social media for updates on the protest's size and location. They can then provide this information to security personnel, who can adjust their plans accordingly to ensure the safety of employees and assets.

  1. Providing proactive security measures

Finally, a Protective Intelligence department can help security companies provide proactive security measures to their clients. Rather than simply reacting to threats as they arise, Protective Intelligence experts can develop proactive security plans that anticipate potential threats and mitigate them before they become a problem. For example, a Protective Intelligence expert might identify a trend of cyberattacks targeting a particular industry. They can then work with the security team to implement additional cybersecurity measures to protect the company's assets. In conclusion, a Protective Intelligence department is a crucial component of any modern security company. By identifying and mitigating risks, enhancing situational awareness, and providing proactive security measures, Protective Intelligence experts can help security companies ensure the safety and security of their clients.

Security is a top priority for businesses and organizations across the world, and security companies play a crucial role in safeguarding their clients' assets and people. However, with the increasing sophistication of threats and the evolving nature of risks, security companies need to expand their capabilities beyond traditional security practices. One of the key areas that security companies need to invest in is Protective Intelligence. In this article, we'll explore why Protective Intelligence is crucial for security companies and how it can benefit their clients.

LeMareschal offers a comprehensive range of protective intelligence solutions to help protect our clients' assets and reputation. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals can assess risks, provide strategic advice, and develop tailored security and protection plans to ensure the safety and security of our clients. We also provide investigative services to help identify potential threats and provide an in-depth analysis of risks. Our protective intelligence solutions are designed to help our clients protect their personnel, assets, and reputation from a wide range of risks. Contact Us Today to find out!

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